Community & Professional Service


Community & Professional Services


  • 2002- Present Wholistic Stress Control Institute. Community base program, Aromatherapy/Meditation ConsultantTeen Abstinence Instructor, HIV Prevention Project Director, STD/HIV/SAP  (Substance Abuse) and Prevention/Intervention Senior Case Manager, Parenting Group Facilitator Projects involved in include: 
  • Triple P Level 4, Positive Parenting,  Group Facilitator:  A Early intervention program that targets high-risk individuals with the aim of preventing progressionof problem behaviors.  Offered to parents with the goal of identifying and engaging parents of children with disruptive and aggressive behaviour.  Parents are taught a variety of child-management skills including: monitoring problem behavior; providing brief contingent attention attention following desirable behavior; arranging engaging activities in high-risk situations; using directed discussion; giving clear instructions and backing up instructions with logical consequences.  Parents are taught how to apply these skills at home and in the community.  As a Facilitator, I provide parents with information, active skills training in "positive" parenting and support for children ages 0-11 years old. 
  • C.I.R. (Color It Real) Educating college age students 18-24 years old about the 4 ways HIV is transmitted and "at-risk" behaviors that compromise their health.  Information includes healthy relationship building.  Male and female condom demonstration. 
  • P.A.A.T.H.(Pointing African Americans Towards Health)  Position entailed working with youth ages 14-18 that were considered high-risk in high schools, alternative schools & group homes.  Provided individual and group therapy counseling. Collected data to develop prevention or treatment plans for students.  Completed individual needs assessments for students & made appropriate referrals when needed.  Conducted Hepatitis C, HIVP/SAP and Healthy Nutritional Awareness sessions.  Contacted parents to give an update on youth’s progress and assessed parental needs.  Conducted career interest surveys using mathematical analysis (numerology).  Assisted in educational resources, job placement services & vocational services for summer programs. Developed a cultural awareness STD/HIV/SAP Prevention Curriculum for youth.  
  • PEACE PROJECT   An Anger management conflict resolution program.   Assigned to work with Middle School age youth 12-14 years old, who were sent to In-School-Suspension.  Taught basic skills dealing with managing anger using "I" messages in communicating effectively during a dispute.  Instructed students in the art of using meditation for releasing tension and stress. 
  • Family MAASAI HIV/AIDS Project Director,  Prevention services involved educating incarcerated male youth ages: 14-17 years old in a DeKalb RYDC juvenile detention center and at Metro Transition Center adult females. Ages ranged from: 19-56 years old in jails & prisons.
  • Choosing Abstinence Proudly Teen Abstinence Project Director, Educating youth ages 10-18.  Presented educational material to parents at  PTA meetings. Sites included: group homes, after school programs, homeless shelters, drug rehabilitation centers. Contact: 2545 Benjamin E. Mays Drive, Atlanta, GA 404-755-0068   
  • 2001 - Present    H.A.B.E.S.H.A.  Organic Fest   Openning Festival as a Presentor with Group Meditation and Empowerment Exercise. Organic Festival is a yearly event that brings together the best of family, learning, and the environment! Combining organic gardening, entertainment and good ole fashion fun with an educational-filled day featuring presentations on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, sustaining communities,environmental issues, food preparation demonstrations, tai chi, children’s pavilion and an extensive marketplace. Designed to promote healthy living and ways to sustain and improve our communities.  


  • 2001 - 2012     M.A.P.T.I.M.E.* Jazz with Wanique Khemi-Tehuti Shabazz. A WRFG 89.3 FM Radio Program.   Wellness, & Empowerment, Wholistic Health Awareness On-Air Life Path Awakening Empowerment Counselor. Receive on-air calls from the radio audience regarding personal & family issues. "Live Numerology Consultations" included : stress management, teen sexual abstinence, & childbirth education, addressing concerns of how to set & accomplish healthy goals in one’s life towards behavioral change & management. confirming natural talents, special skills & areas needing balance.(*Metaphysical Answers & Personal Truths Inside Musical Edutainment) 404-523-8989 Atlanta,GA 
  • 2001 – 2003        Fulton County Human Services Department,           Stress Management & Wholistic Health Consultant. Call To Womanhood Conference”, “Conversations With Our Daughters” Project.  Subjects included: Teen pregnancy, parenting, the value of self, family, & appropriate healthy sexual responsibility. “Staff Development Day” Instruction given to staff members on how to identify underlying causes of dysfunction in self leading to stress & tension at work &  home.  Atlanta, GA
  • 1996- Present   Life Path Awakening By L'dia Men-Na'a,  Wholistic Health Workshop Presenter. Demonstrates therapeutic techniques for empowering one'self.  Identifying the origins of stress and its effects on self, family, and community.  Confirming one's natural talents, potentials & purpose for accomplishing goals.  Workshops allow each individual  to recognize personal strengths while teaching how to incorporate the ancient healing arts of: Aromatherapy, visualization meditation, food therapy, sound therapy & "safe-touch" massage   Provide services for:  Drug Rehabilitation Centers, Homeless Shelters.  L'dia Men-Na'a is the author & illustrator of serveral self analysis numerology/aromatherapy workbooks.   Atlanta, GA  Oakland, CA
  • 1991 - Present    When You Teach A Woman, You Teach A Nation  Pre-Birth Parenting & Naturally Empowered Childbirth Program.  Teaches mothers and fathers the art of parenting.  Incorporates traditional techniques for partner coached natural childbirthing: Exercises, breathing, relaxation techinques, aromatherapy, & massage.  Atlanta, GA   Berkeley, CA  
  • 2010 - Present SOCIAL MEDIA:
  • Facebook Pre-Natal Group: "When You Teach A Woman You Teach A Nation"
  • Facebook Positive Parenting Page: "Mother Is 1st Nurse 1st Teacher"
  • 1991-2000  Healthy Babies Project founded by Majeedah Rahman.  A Drug Addiction Treatment Center.  Encouraged mothers to parent more efficiently. Taught about the importance of healthy nutritional awareness and how to prepare easy, tasteful vegetarian meals.  Provided chair massages and guidance in creative stress management techniques included child & infant massage. 471  34th Street Oakland, CA  510-596-4189   510-450-0881.


 References Available Upon  Request: 770-912-5800