FOR VEGETARIANS & NON-VEGETARIANS (those who are still eating meat, but learning more about how to season vegetarian substitutes for their vegetarian family and friends) The secret to tasty vegetarian cooking is the way the food is seasoned. Too much over cooking, and added sodium, sugar, and chemicals in our food can destroy the natural taste that children can appreciate. An ancient and traditional healthy way to add flavor to food is to use herbal seasonings.


  • [_] Basil: * 1,3
  • Vitamins: A, K
  • Minerals: Potassium, Manganese

[] Bronchitis, [] aches, [] colds, [] fatigue, [] sinuses, [] fever [] weak nerves, [] fears, [] sadness, [] refreshes mind, [] cheers [] concentration, [] memory. This bright-green delicate leaf contains flavonoids that act as powerful antioxidants. You can grow basil plants on a sunny windowsill throughout the year or grow it in your garden and preserve it by freezing or drying it. Use peppery and minty basil in: • tomato sauces, • salad dressings, • pesto, • sandwich spreads, • soups,

  • [_] Cardamon 3,4
  • Vitamins:
  • Minerals:

Enhances spirituality, for weakness in heart due to emotions . [] Epilepsy, [] spasms, [] paralysis, [] rheu. joint stiffness, [] impotence, intestinal Illnesses. • fruit • vegetables • sweets/deserts • breads

  • [_] Cinnamon: * 2,9
  • Vitamins:
  • Minerals: strengthens intuitive awareness, creativity, prosperity,

[] The aroma of cinnamon can help improve brain function! [] anti-viral, [] antibiotic, [] arthritis, [] energizes, [] impotence, [] infections, [] nausea, [] rheumatism, [] for digestive, heart & nervous systems. REDUCES: [] blood sugar levels, [] LDL cholesterol, [] triglycerides, and overall [] cholesterol levels. Cinnamaldehyde, an organic compound in cinnamon prevents clumping of blood platelets, and other compounds in this spice are anti-inflammatory. Add cinnamon to: bread • coffee • tea, • desserts • curries, • oatmeal

  • [_] Cloves:
  • Vitamins:
  • Minerals: These flower buds are a great source of manganese and omega-3 fatty acids.

[] They contain eugenol, which helps reduce toxicity from pollutants and prevent joint inflammation, and the flavonoids kaempferol and rhamnetin, which act as antioxidants. sedative, stimulates brain, (past & present memory), revitalizes, protecting, Increases: [] visualization. [] immunity, [] antioxidant [] antiseptic, Helps reduce: [] colds, [] muscle pain, [] inflammation, [] warts, [] toothache, [] skin infections [] respiratory infections, Good for Childbirth. Cloves are a great addition to • hot tea • coffee • dessert recipes, • fruit compote • apple desserts.

  • Coriander*4,5,7
  • Vitamins:
  • Minerals:

[] Stimulates creativity & memory, sensuous & balances a loving Female hormonal system, Good for: [] flatulence, [] impotence, [] relaxes muscles, [] stomach cramps, [] rheumatism, [] pain [] pancreas [] digestive & circulatory systems [] postpartum • fruit • vegetables • soups • sweets/deserts • sauces 

  • Cumin: 3
  • Vitamins:
  • Minerals: Iron, Manganese

[] This spice is rich in antioxidants, which may help reduce the risk of cancer. It's minerals help keep your immune system strong and healthy. [] helps digestion, [] reduces flatulence. Add cumin to • Middle Eastern recipes, • rice pilafs, • stir-fried vegetables, • Tex-Mex dishes. • fruit • vegetables • pasta • soups • sweets/deserts • sauces • breads [_]Fennel **1,7 [] Energizing, [] calms overexcitement, [] reduces nervousness [] aids respiratory, circulatory, pancreas, glandular, & digestive systems, [] liver, PMS, menstrual symptoms, menopause, increases sexual drive. Add to: breads • vegetables

[_]Ginger 8,9 Vitamins: Minerals: [] Mental confusion, [] courage in matters of finances. [] Stimulants, [] dizziness, [] motion sickness, [] stomach upsets, [] nausea, [] warming, [] muscle aches, [] digestive system Good in: spinach fruit • soups • sweets/deserts • sauces

[_] Marjoram: *1,2,4,5,9 Vitamins: Beta Carotene, C, D Minerals: This fragrant herb contains many phytochemicals — including terpenes, which are anti-inflammatory — lutein. [] Calms, [] sedates, [] soothes tension, helpful for [] anxiety attacks. Good for: [] muscle spasm, [] insomnia, [] arthritis, [] headaches, [] sexual desires. Marjoram is delicious and is perfect with vegetables like: • tomatoes, • peas, • carrots, • spinach. • fruit • vegetables • sweets/deserts Together with bay leaf, parsley, thyme, and tarragon, it makes a bouquet garnish to use in stews and soups.

[_] Peppermint:*2, 5,8 Vitamins: Beta Carotene, Folate, Riboflavin Minerals: Mothers used to offer mint to kids for upset stomachs because it soothes an irritated GI tract. Soothes and aids: [] digestion, [] liver, [] respiratory systems, [] fever reducer, But did you know it may be a weapon against cancer, too? It contains a phytochemical called perillyl alcohol, which can stop the formation of some cancer cells. Use it in: • teas, • desserts, • fruit salad • lettuce salad, • garnish for puddings.

[_] Spearmint 4 Vitamins: Beta Carotene, Folate, Riboflavin Minerals: [] antioxidant [] increases memory, [] increases concentration, [] releases emotional blocks [] increases well-being. [] supports respiratory & nervous systems Good for youth use in: • teas, • desserts, • fruit salad • lettuce salad, • garnish for puddings.

[_] Nutmeg:* 3, 4 Vitamins: A, C Minerals: Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorous Comforting, soothing. Influences color & intensity of dreams. It can help [] reduce blood pressure, [] acts as an antioxidant, [] has antifungal properties. [] good for circulation [] sore muscles. [] supports nervous, endocrine & digestive systems. [] circulation [] with brain activities. Balances the prostaglandin hormone in men. The lacy covering on nutmeg is used to make mace. Keep a whole nutmeg in a tiny jar along with a mini rasp to grate it fresh into dishes with: • spinach, • hot tea, • curry powder, • rice pudding • desserts. [_] Oregano: * 6 Vitamins: A, C Minerals: Calcium, Iron Used in Italian dishes, this strong herb is a potent antioxidant with the phytochemicals lutein and beta carotene. It’s a good source of fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. [] antiviral, kills most kinds of infections. [] loosens phlegm, [] calms coughing. [] antiseptic, [] eczema. Add spicy and pepper oregano to: • salad dressings, • soups, • sauces, • gravies, • vegetables • pasta • bread

[_] Parsley: Vitamins: C, Folate Minerals: Calcium, Iron, Potassium Parsley was once used as a garnish left on plates in restaurants over the years? This mild and leafy herb is packed with flavonoids, which are strong antioxidants, and can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Use it in everything from: • salads as a leafy green • to rice pilafs, • sauces and gravies. • vegetables • pasta • soups • sauces

[_] Rosemary:** 1,2,6 Vitamins: Minerals: Rosemary contains terpenes, which slow down free radical development and stop inflammation. Terpenes may also block some estrogens, which cause breast cancer. Helps restore: [] mental alertness, [] refreshes, [] uplifts, [] antidepressant, [] invigorating. Use this pungent and piney herb in: • fruit • vegetables • pasta • soups • sauces • breads • stews, • olive oil for a dip for warm whole-wheat bread.

[_] Sage: * 4,6,7 Vitamins: Minerals: Sage contains the flavonoid phytochemicals apigenin and luteolin and some phenolic acids that act as anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. Supports: [] respiratory system [] reproductive system, [] nervous system. [] good for menopausal symptoms associated with hot flashes. Sage enhances feelings of security. Often used in ceremonial cleansings to remove negativity from environment. Perhaps sage’s most impressive effect may be against Alzheimer’s disease by inhibiting the increase in AChE inhibitors. [] Copes with despair, [] purifies mind, [] clears mental fatigue. Its dusky, earthy aroma and flavor are delicious in: • spaghetti sauces, • soups and stews, • frittatas • fruit • vegetables • soups • sauces

[_] Tarragon: Vitamins: Beta Carotene Minerals: Potassium, This herb tastes like licorice with a slightly sweet flavor and is delicious with chicken or fish. It’s a great source of phytosterols and can reduce the stickiness of platelets in your blood. Use it • as a salad green • as part of a salad dressing • vegetables • soups • sauces

[_] Thyme: **4 Vitamins: K Minerals: Manganese Aids concentration & psychological weakness. Helps during struggles & difficulties with: [] relationship [] blockages of one’s destiny. [] to be comfortable with releasing the past & to look forward to the future [] with inner strength [] peacefulness. [] increasing intelligence This herb is a good source of the monoterpene thymol, which has antibacterial properties and may help protect against tumor development. [] builds strength after illnesses. [] supports immune & respiratory systems: Expectorant for: [] colds, [] bronchitis, [] flu, [] whooping cough. [] stimulates menstruation. [] antibacterial, [] powerful disinfectant, [] antiviral supports formation of white blood cells. Strengthens against infectious diseases, [] athletes foot. [] kills lice. Use white thyme for youth and sensitive people. It’s fresh, slightly minty, and lemony tasting, making it a great addition to everything from: • pear desserts • fruit • vegetables • pasta • soups • sauces • breads

[_] Turmeric: Vitamins: Minerals: This spice is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Curcumin, a phytochemical in turmeric, [] can stop cancer cells from reproducing and spreading, [] slow Alzheimer’s disease progression, [] and help control weight. [] painkiller, and [] antiseptic. Turmeric gives foods a pretty yellow color and is an inexpensive substitute for saffron. Use it in: • Indian foods, • sauces, • tea, • fruit • vegetables • pasta • soups • sweets/deserts • sauces

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CAUTION* Avoid during pregnancy ** Avoid if epileptic/high blood pressure


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